Wednesday, January 13, 2010

For your Entertainment only

Today has been a long day. Fustrating yet pleasing. I spent the most of the morning trying to go back to sleep, when that didn't work, I got up and showered, dressed, shaveed, and drove to an autoparts store. My truck has been over heating, and after a week of talking mechanic bullshit with every male friend I know, I think we have all come to the conclusion that it must be the thermostat. The reason a week went by, well, when it comes to car trouble every man has an opinion of what it is. The only knowledgeable person ever to diagnosis a car, is a fuckin mechanic. But we men like to think we know the problem cause 1, it happened to one of our old cars back in the day, 2, it happened to a friend and his truck was doing the same thing 3, it happened to their wives or girlfrineds car.

Little do they tell you, that an overheating truck can be caused by many scenarios, radiator, heating coil, hole in the coolant resivor,tires aren't rotated, the tire pressure in your spare tire is get the point. All kinds of shit, so for now I am going with the cheapest fix; the thermostat.

I get home and look up on line "how to remove a thermostat", couldn't find a damn thing, "diagram of heating systems in an F150", I couldnt find a damn thing. But I type in a word like midget and all kinds of free shit to look at is at your disposal. Midget porn, midgets with animals, mom with midget, I type in Tire, I get skinny guys humping fat chick, I type in spare tire, I get skinny couple fucking fat chick. Im sitting here trying to find something usefull for once and I cant find anything. Fustrated I give up and check out one of those spare tire links!

Well I didnt, it was too early in the day, so I read the news and that was a mistake, it always is, cause I always read the damn articles that just get my blood boiling. But I couldn't pass up this title. "Avatar-Induced Depression: Coping With The Intangibility Of Pandora" You've got to be kidding me I thought to myslef. But finishing the article they werent fucking kidding.

The first paragraph in the yahoo article read. "The beautiful alien planet Pandora depicted in James Cameron's 'Avatar' is so captivating that some audience members are becoming depressed and even suicidal when they fail to find meaning in real life after the film is over." So naturally I just had to read on.

It goes on to explain that people are posting comments for a support group. I saw the movie, it was great entertainment, a little to much "Dances with wolves" plot for me, but, it was good. In no way shape or form did I come home feeling depressed. If anything I was more angry with the price of admission and concession treats. I may have felt a little gassy from the tub of popcorn and large coke I ingested during that 3 hour movie. I thought ok maybe I can see what they are saying cause you know I dont want to be too "close minded" Then I read this shit:

"Ever since I went to see 'Avatar' I have been depressed. Watching the wonderful world of Pandora and all the Na'vi made me want to be one of them. I can't stop thinking about all the things that happened in the film and all of the tears and shivers I got from it. I even contemplate suicide thinking that if I do it I will be rebirthed in a world similar to Pandora and the everything is the same as in 'Avatar.'"

Gotdamn on that is holy, what kind of fucking idiots do we live among. At that point I went close minded and felt no compasion for the person who wrote that. I would like to have mailed this person a bootleg version of this movie, complete with pain pills, bootle of booze, and a gun loaded with one bullet. Good bye to the world care package if you will. I figured this idiot would have watched it several times to get in the "I'm gonna kill myself mood", maybe realize its not worth it and try the pain pills and booze to feel better about themselves. I figured if those two substances together made me feel good, why wouldnt it work on someone else. Of course I'm not trying to off myslef over a movie so it would push this idiot towards that line and the hand gun to finish the job. Look, I really get it trust me, you know how many times I have watched porn and and after about 2 mins felt shame and depreesion come over me as I cry and clean myself off! It's like I want to reach out and be in that porn. I'd do anything to be in the main stud in Twatt for two. Sometimes I lie in bed and I've tried so hard to dream about me being the pizza delivery guy in a speedo and rock hard body that would be my "Avatar" but it hasn't worked nor will it.

People just need to get a grip, shit happens, shit dont go right, learn to deal with it. I dont know if this person saw the same movie I did, but, hopefully they noticed how dangerous that fuckin world is. All kinds of strange fucking creatures trying to eat your ass! White man trying to kill your entire race cause of the minerals your land posses. Your fucking 10 feet tall, blue, four fingers and have a godamn tail! You right offing yourself might be the best thing for you. Not for me thank you! If you dont like camping, fast food, ac, internet, social networking sites,all the things that we think make us live comfortable then move your fucking dumbass to the damn amazon. They only thing I would like the movie to inspire are todays scientist, to get a move on in the field of nanotechnology. So that one day I could have my own porn star avatar!ANd I thought movies were for entertainment purposes only, what the hell are other people thinking!?

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