Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It is what it is

I just realized something. And only tonight did I finally realize, Im the last of the Mochicans.  Tall, young, smart, and cooks, never married, no kids and stands six feet fall  and I work out three to four days a week. Granted I only work out three to four days a week so I can eat and drink what I want.  Then brag about the fact that if I didnt work out I would be much bigger. But, I cant get a piece of ass to save my life. Yes i am single, and if you read my blogs, you can probably see why. Women dont want to think they have men like me, they think their men are different. Shit the same way the women you are with dont want to think I"m your friend. I was reminded today, about my old schools ways.  The days where I said shit and I didnt give a fuck. If I still lived in htown, I would still be that same old guy, since I have moved here people think that I "grew up" nope, I just adapted to my surroundings. This town is so conservative and I am a natural hunter, so, I had to calm down my ways to catch dinner.

Tonight is the first blog that I write drunk.  So forgive my sudden change of subect, I am typin what comes to mind.  I am mad tonight... so i tried it, I wrote it as it came to mind then i proof read it as best Icould and upon reading my first draft it didnt work,so I deleted it.  I would have called out too many people that mean allot to me. So I will just use sayings that my father and other men taught me  what they think a man should live by, dont worry ladies, I will also share what important women in my life has shared. So I will share with you first.

"All men are assholes, just love the asshole that supports you and your family and dont beat it outside of bed."
"Let him think he's man, cause his friends(male) probably dont know how to be one either"
"Let him get drunk and act like an ass, I bet you have a friend(female) that thinks your man is better"
"No matter how long you have been married, he will always try to put it in your ass"
"if he eats it, he loves it, so turn on the lights"
"If he has never sucked a dick, how is he gonna tell you how to do it, if you do it he will like it no moatter what."---thats my favorite!
"you may think you want a big dick, until you have to fuck it every night, then your gonna think about your ex lover"
"If she complains about how small it is, she must be a whore"
"If you think your fat, so does he"
"If you think you ex lover was better when he is on top, guess who he is thinking about"
" I hope he calls me"
"A man that fucks you for longer than 10 minutes the first night you have sex is just showing off, a man that eats for 10 min shows he has a big appetite"

Since I grew up with nothing but women, I can go all night, but those are enough, time for the man quotes.

"Fuck the scientist, I will tell why men become deaf before women, everyone gets tired of the nagging."
"I'm glad you think ur dicks big, she did to until she told her friend!"
"If she thinks you did it, you probably did, just not with the friend she thinks is uglier or fatter then her."
"I've been around the block a time or two, and the only woman that is never jealous, had a baby without having sex"
"If you love her tell her, if you mean it ask her to marry her, to prove it do what she says....always."
"She will be handled like a whore and love it, till she has daughters or sons, then u change diapers"
"if she is mad that you drink with the fellas, better make it worth the rath"
"let her suck it first, she bleeds out of hers"
"dont ever ask if its big enough...ever"
"if she lets you lick her ass, she wants it in her ass"
"A woman that masturabtes thinks about you"
"We will never change, but they think we will, who am I to crush the dreams of others"
"She will never be pretty enough and some how thats our fault"
"only men that are lawyers have women that believe its never the mans fault"
"if she dont cook now, you would have wished you learned"
"When she is drunk your the man, when she wakes up next to you naked theres a chance you do 5 to 10"
"it is never her first time" thats my favorite too
"if she believed she was hot, she would like going to hooters"
"she likes chicks, just likes your dick better"