Thursday, January 28, 2010

An Irish Wish

Quick update from the last post, the Rockets whooped on that spurs ass! and Yes I was on TV, not only do I have a pick of this occasion but I also have a video clip! Thanks to my boy in htown and DVR! I dont give away names on the blog cause, well, fuck my political carreer, but I keep names on this page a secret to protect others in case they run for office. But you know who you are kid. We spent the first 2 quarters hearing a bunch of shit talk and well in this photo, we had just been trashed talked by a bunch of cowgirl/spur fan.  I wrote it right, they are the same.  So i have on my best dont fuck with me stance.

But this blog is not about that night and all the fine ass women that I wish were rockets fans, cause I dont believe in Interleague relationships! Tonight, took me on a different adventure. A buddy of mine and my roommate, well, more my roomates friend than mine, I've only know him for about 2 years,  his grandfather passed away on Sunday. From what I understand, he was one of the greats. Most men from that generation are(70 plus years of age).  World War II vet who served with honor and valor in the Navy, and retired an officer from the US Airforce.  He was Irish Catholic, drank like a fish, ate nothing but read meat and potatoes and never missed a day of work.  Yup, the symptoms of a great man.  His grandchild is about thirty four or so who decided to drop by our house tonight, I would have liked to believe that he didnt want to be alone, maybe a shoulder to cry on, nah he needed someone to drink with.  What better place than this.

My rooomate jumped on the call, headed to the store and bought some beer, I was on the couch just chillin, drank about four beers watching the State of the Union Address. I hear what happened with irishmans grandfather and prepared myself for an all nighter of booze and tears. Well, lets just say I mistook my full blooded Irish friend.  Irishmen dont cry! I should have known better. This guy wears an authentic kilt on St. Patricks day that is how irish he is.  He stands just over and inch taller than I, about  6"2, with hands the larger than  a goddamn grizzly bear with strawberry read hair, naturally...he is Irish. When I say Irish I mean Irish. At first glance one would think this guy is one of the actors on Brave Heart throwing stones with Mel Gibson, not as ugly though. So, he gets here drinks the crown I didnt finish the night of the rockets game, I down about 4 more beers, my roomate starts to get lazy eye, and I hear hey man you want to head up to a bar. Well, I hate going to a bar at 1230 at night for one, 2...If its that late I hate going sober. But, what the hell I thought, the man needs a drinking buddy. SO the first bar we hit up, he says it was lame wich it was, but what he really meant was no fat chicks.  I think it was fat chicks, cause when your depressed and wanting to get wasted what other type of women would want.  I'm just saying cause thats what I heard once.

We then move to Bakers street pub with 2.50 makers mark. Oh yeah, burbon baby, burbon. But of course they just ran out. So, it was only fitting that we drink scotch. We have a glass, then another, then another, next thing I know, he is hitting on the bartenders while buying them shots and well, I am hitting on them too  I if you think "hey, my friend thinks you hot and whats to know your name" aakkwwaarrd.  She smiled bashed her eyes flipped her hear and reached out to shake my hand. Not that him yelling was a bad thing, but I was a bartender back in the day, and well, they are by far one of the hardest things to pick up...let me rephrase that, they are one of the hardest ones to keep intrested. But, dont tell my buddy that, and I think the fact that he didnt care probably made the situation better. I dont kiss and tell and tell and kiss. I wont leave anything left to your imagination, cause, I am writing this at 230 in the morning! But it was nice, a number, a wink, a free drink. Will she be the next ex girlfriend probably not. Will I call her...probably not.  So we end the night, polishing off the ice that still had scotch and parted ways. But in honor of his grandfather an old irish wish.

May the road rise to meet you.
May the wind be ever at your back
May the Good Lord keep you in the hollow of His hand.
May your heart be as warm as your hearthstone.
And when you come to die
may the wail of the poor
be the only sorrow
you'll leave behind.
May God bless you always.-anonymous

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