Thursday, January 14, 2010


Lelo (le'-lo), a word that was invented by a close friend. Over the years it has come to mean so many different things. It is basically a word that can be used as a noun or verb and in some cases an adjective. It is the equivalent to the Italian phrase "forgeta bout it". Johnny Depp character Donnie Brasco in "Donnie Brasco" does a great job trying to explain its meaning to his cop buddies. Lelo, is along the same lines. Lelo can mean fucked up drunk. But, one can be drunk and not be lelo. Let me explain. I'm drunk, my eyes are blood shot and I probably could just use a glass of water, I walk up to the bar anyway and tell the bar keep what I want, I yell "miller" at that moment she turns around pops the top and serves it up. I'm just a drunk guy trying to get more drunk. If I stagger up to the bar, with a piss stain on my crotch, and manage to annoy people next to me, either by flirting with their fat women, or my bambi legs are starting to give out casuing me to bump those around me as I yell "iller" then have to say it again, "iller", then get frustrated cause the bartender can't speak drunk, I get cut off and want to fight about it, at that point I am "Lelo."

Lelo can also mean idiot or stupid. example. "dude, I went all the way to the grocery store to buy some beer and I forgot my wallet" to which my buddy replies "pinche lelo" Note, that I am not drunk or have not been drinking.

Lelo can also be used to describe a sober radom stranger, in this case a fuckin idiot. You see a guy with his pants to his knees, which looked like four cans of starch was used on them, he stands all of 5 foot 3, complete with big gold chains, a fake white Chincilla coat(its about 76 degrees outside) sunglasses(about 10 at night in a club) all wile pointing and saying whats up to people from across the room using a side ways peace sign. One can say this is gehtto lelo. There is country lelo, tejano lelo, asian lelo, and wetback lelo.

It can also explain a hangover. But not just any I have a head ache hangover, you have to get all "lelo" at a party and be the only "lelo" at the party taking shots and trying to get everybody to get "lelo" with you, you smoke 3 packs of cigarettes even if you don't smoke, try to convincr a buddy to go to a strip club even if you are broke, get mad when he says no, even if you forgot about what you were asking him to do, fall asleep in the yard even though you swear it was on the couch and throw up on yourself even though you didn't have anything to eat all day. Upon wakeing up in the morning, your throat and chest are sore from thowing up and dry heaving all night, piss stains on your pants, grass in your hair, at that point you realize you made an ass out of yourself the night before. Call your buddy up to apologize or to see what happened, you have to start with "dude I woke up all lelo this morning!" to which your buddy responds "I can just imagine, you were fucking lelo last night!"

Since this word is derived from some Mexican slang mumble jumbo. It is also feminine. Hence LELA (le'-lah), it can be used to describe a womans looks or actions. You look up and see a chick dressed in a black spandex tube dress weighing a deuce, if you look close enough you can see the outline if her granny panties! At this point you lean over to your buddy and say in excitment "look at this lela" Again the reason she is lela(state of mind) What the fuck was she thinking she must be fucking nuts to think she looks good.

If she is a hot chick and has a ring on her finger you look at the guy that is attached to her like a humping dog and notice he is gehhto lelo, asian lelo, tejano lelo, country lelo, or boy band lelo, the common response would be " pinche lela, " then we both turn and pay no attention after that.

It can also be use to describe a horny ass chick. You see the girl drunk as hell grinding on every guy around her seeking attention and trying to make out with everyone. You turn to your buddy and point "look at that lela" In most cases for a single guy being lela is music to our ears and a hevanly sight!

lelo is a state of mind, cause if you are lelo you are not thinking at all. it is the next level above stupidity and drunkeness. You can also be lelito (le'-lee-tow). Which is one level before lelo. You go to a bar and have six drinks, and get turned down by a cocked eyed big girl, you drive home in shame. your buddy asks "hey bro you get lelo last night" to which you respond "lelito, no mas".

Notable lelos.

ME- couple times a year
Michael Jackson, that's right I said it.
Mike Tyson
O.J and everyone who thought he was innocent.
Al Bundy
David Koresh
Chris Brown
Kanye West
Kim Il Sung

Notable Lela's
Lady Gaga
Paris Hilton
Tonya Harding
Peggy Bundy
Tia Tequllia
All of Hugh Hefners girl frineds-except those that were before his 45th birthday.
Carrie Prejean(my kind of lela)

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