Monday, November 23, 2009

That Bar!

My roommate and I drove into Htown today. It takes me 3 and a half hours to drive into htown from San Antone, and 4 hours to drive back from Houston. The time is longer to get back to the bachelor pad cause I get so wasted that in my drive back I feel that if I get pulled over the cops will make me take a breath a lizer test and based on the amount of booze I intake, I will still register a 1.8 after 2 days of sobering up. My roommate made the time in 2 hours and 30 minutes, I thought I died twice and saw my life flash before me several times, once with a truck with deer hoofs sticking out the bed of his truck, a 4 door kia sportage, and twice with an eighteen wheeler!

I relax with my parents, my mom tells me stories about my nieces and nephews, while my dad busts my balls about anything and everything including the cowboys win. After about 8 hours it is time to hit a bar. We decide a pub that all of us hadn't been to in over 6 years. The last time us 3 were in there, one was throwing up,and the other 2 were talking about there receding hair line. We were boys then, but tonight we gathered around a pitcher of cheap beer, just like we always did and suddenly I realized that those boys just trying to figure out life together are now men trying to make sense of it all.

The conversations tonight were about bachelor parties and how kids get the best of you. Marriage and bills and bills and marriage. It was no longer "dude what time do you have to be at work tomorrow', now it was "I took vacation time, I'm off tomorrow" and "when is this bachelor party so I can take some more vacation time." Instead of chipping in cash to pay for a tab it was how much is it without a worry and can I get a receipt. Instead of the bar cutting us off, it was "man I got to get home."

In those moments where I saw a difference and should have been sad that youth was gone, my heart filled with pride with the men we have become. okay, okay. Lost myself there for a second. I was proud to see my boys become men, and proud that I didn't bust there balls with "pussy, there was a time when you didn't give a shit" and try to make them stay out later with "dude I have beer at my house, or whose house are we going to now!" Today there was a sense of understanding and shit me too, i have to get to my parents house, I don't want them to worry or wake them at 5 in the morning because I am a guest in there home now, here for a visit and a nice home cooked meal.

It was nice to see and will remember it always, but tomorrow is a different story. We came home because we plan to really party tomorrow, we will talk about the hair that is gone and the young ass we can no longer get, then talk about how good the ass was when we were that age, only to justify it by saying "I wouldn't want a young girl like that anymore I have to teach her" one will throw up, the other complain about the bills and marriage while the other contemplates his decision of getting married! I WILL sit back and enjoy the men we are today, but, laugh at the men we will be tomorrow! Boys we once where and boys we will always be, laughing joking and talking shit, thinking of ways to express our thoughts in a mature manner!

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