Monday, November 9, 2009

why not

The years have gone by and I still miss you the same. The hours and days that separate our last hello may have turned into anger and hate, it may be your guilt and it may be your pride, but those feelings I didn't initiate.

I loved you more than life itself that is why I let you go, a beautiful smile, a laugh out loud and a knee slap chuckle was something I could no longer give. In the arms of another is where you found it, then in the arms of another is where you need to be. I let it go and I'm sorry to say that those reasons, excuses, and justifications has lead me to believe in my own self deprivation.

so when he holds you in that moment. I ache with envy and self loathing, that he figured out what I could not. He understands that the meaning and warmth of love, is the same as what you perceive it to be! I cherish the feelings that belong to you and because there yours; I challenge my heart to not feel the same type of happiness.

So I tip my glass, and just maybe my hat. You found something I could never possess, a liar, a cheat and a thief of my heart.

I hang on to our last good bye and our first hello

Jacob D. I love you ALL!!!!

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  1. Thank you for all your comments and concerns via email!I wrote this based on the struggles I had between budlight and miller! pinche lelos!!!
    ask lee....