Monday, August 3, 2009

An End to a bad day!

Anyway I have been in a shitty mood today. Cant understand why? Could have been the day of drinking on sat. SO, I decided to watch some porn. You know it usually cheers me up. The only problem I have is that all the good stuff is back in san antonio, hidden in a labyrinth of password protected folders. If I could I would have voice recognition software just to protect my porn from female judging eyes! What a man would do to hide his porn. I know that married guys get busted all the time but all it takes is that one time to get busted and its usually the type of porn that has a couple of animals, huge contraptions with 50 inch dildos attached to them, ramming every orifice that is available. Maybe some midgets in the mix somewhere, anyway you get the point.

So In the quest to find some porn, I come across the site that offers free downloads, and what would you know it had porn on it too. Now before those eyes start to judge...what would you expect me to do? That's right I clicked and downloaded everything that showed up on the screen. I felt like a fat kid in a free candy store! just grabbing stuff I know I probably wouldn't like!

Now I have to warn you about these downloads just because it is titled "hot babe with huge jugs"
does not mean it is exactly that!! I was anticipating the first down load and watching as the file completion percentage was increasing...98%, 99%....100% YAHHOOO Then, the magic words pop on the screen your download is complete!! Now you go thru a little ritual of watching porn, I know everyone has one, but I will share with you mine!!! well, my parents are in the next room ritual. Carefully take a stroll through the house so that I know if anyone is home and what they are doing so that I know they are heavily distracted doing something else. Then I gently close my door and lock it. As to not make that much of a sound. Then I pull up my media player and check the sound adjustments

So that when the entertainment begins, "fuck that pussy" is not blaring over and under the door to were your parents can hear it. Then I make sure I select play with media player because real player has horrible quality. I move the mouse every so gently to the file and click play, my heart skips a soft beat as I'm thinking my parents are in the next room I cant believe that i am doing this.

The title appears and you carefully place the mouse cursor over the volume control and lean in the direction of the speaker and BAAAMMMMM!!!!! Two huge fat chicks pop up on the screen in what can only be described as a murder suicide live feed!!! At this point and time I'm thinking to myself turn this shit off. But the curiosity just gets overwhelming and then you move your cursor and slide it across the bottom to fast forward. Fuck they got me. I will spare you the details.

But then the inner rage took hold of my mind. Who in the hell plays a fucked up prank like that! If i have anything remotely close on my computer to what i had just witnessed it would be titled "killer whales mate with a blue marlin!!" You could not see this guy he was about 16o and the beasts where well over a deuce and a half. You saw his feet hanging at the edge of the bed as one rode him and the other on his face. Horrible just horrible. The guy that ruined my last hope of cheerfulness eye fucked me so hard I had post traumatic blindness! It's a wonder I am able to type this post!

Going back to this dickhead. I really want to know who this guy is? Does he have friends? If you dig the biguns I can handle that, esp if you can, but, to title this mpeg with the thoughts of opening and viewing something magical is beyond a sick joke. Its a sick individual that is capable of ruining the last part of my day!

So I downloaded more, hey, you cant let one idiot ruin it for you right. It doesn't mean that everyone on the internet is as demented as this guy. So I downloaded and open another my surprise I watched two black midgets dressed in a diapers and baby bonnets humping the shit out of a six foot thin hot blond. Now I had to watch this shit....but that's another story. guess I didn't learn my lesson. But then again I wasn't thinking!!

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