Friday, February 12, 2010

VDAY my ass

I would like to wish all the happy couples a happy vday. Vday is a day I hate the most, no, not because I dont have anyone to share it with but because I  believe that society and media puts pressure on men to make it special.  I feel if you love your women tell her or show her 355 days out of the year.  Buy her flowers for no reason, well maybe not all the time,men have to be careful with that shit, cause according to womens magazines and friends, if a woman gets flowers out of the blue and its not a vday or bday, we are cheating! But thats not the point I am trying to make. This is my point.

Since I am a man, and speaking from a male point of view, I want to see women scurrying to find that man a special gift.  I want to see a man open a fucking box and say "she went to jared". I want to see women hustling at the flower shop to send their men a box of flowers. Why is it that on Vday, I only see men shopping and stressing!  Men dont ask each other "what did she get you for vday? We ask "what did you get your woman /girl?", when they do tell us and it was over 500 bucks our only reply is "man I bet she sucked the skin off your dick."  If he dont get that response, well, it was a shitty gift or she dont suck dick, which means she wont be around next year.

This day and age women are becoming more and more independent, they always think they dont need a man for shit, but when vday comes around they wish they had one. I hear from my single women friends "I'm alone for vday, its so depressing" what I want to say is no, its not. You just wish someone spent money on worthless shit to express that they love you so that everyone around you can see that someone loves you.  Get over it ladies, men only buy things for you on vday cause we fill we have to by society, we know that if we dont you will be pissed.  We also know that if we dont make it special your friends will talk shit about us and smart men know that if your best friends are not pleased, then you will not be pleased too.  And there is nothing worse than your best friend against us regardless of how big you say our dick is, hell she might say some shit just to break us up so she can really find out how big our dick is.

In the end spoil us for once, no, sex and blowjobs dont count on vday. We get those for bdays and enjoy them cause that is our one day to be spoiled.  Blowjobs and sex on vday is just showing us how good we did in making you feel loved and we lie there comparing the quality of it based on how much money we spent. we ar thinking "Damn she sucked a better dick on my bday, but ,tonight she aint doing what I know she is capapable of doing, she must have not like what I did for vday!" At that point we know you are just going thru the motions and we start thinking about your best friend and what she thought about the gifts you reiceved! Best friend is usually naked and doing a better job.  Damn did I just get men in women, Im just not thinking right is all~

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