Friday, December 25, 2009

He doesnt Exist?

everyone is doing what they are suppose to be doing today. Some working, others shoping and many wrapping presents. I know that some kid is waiting for The Great Santa Clause to land on a roof top with his great golden slay, dressed in his soft velvet red suit lined with shiney white cotton lapels and gray beard. Hoping that they have been nice enough to recieve that present they asked for, some of the catholic children are gonna say a prayer at mass tonight to ensure its delevery, while the jewish kids are waiting for that last big present in a long drawn out ordeal, the black kid from africa is hoping the tempatures dont fall below 90 degrees since he has no winter clothing. The asian kids are just to discipline to give a shit. And the russian kids really know that there isn't a santa claus.

Every year I sit in joy as my little nieces and nephews attack the presents, all anitcipating it being that one special present. Upon tearing the final piece of gift wrap from the box, and quickly figuring out that its not it, they hold it for a photo with a shit eatin grin and toss it asside for the next one. They will repeat it a few more times and once all the presents are opened I will immediatetly hear there parents reassure those depressed faces that The great Santa claus left presents under their christmas tree last night. At that point the kids start whining to go back to the their house.

Ah, "The Great Santa Claus" if I was 5 years old again and believed in him like I once did, this is what I would have said to his fat ass! Better yet this is what I have to say about him now, knowing what I know now.

What really pisses me off about you oh "Great Santa Claus" deliverer of happiness and joy! You have not written or answered any of my letters for over 25 years!! No letter explaining why I didnt get shit cause I had been naughty or nice. I spent one whole winter thinking about that trip to the prinicpals office for having a boner in class. And regretting and dwelling that it was that specific situation that led me play with play doe and not HE-MAN castle of grace skull that was suppose to be under the tree christmas eve. little did I know, I couldnt have controlled that damn thing even if i wanted to, but, the teacher, and classmates, made such a big deal about it, I suffered mentally and physically. Knowing what I know now, I should have whipped it out and played with the damn thing, I would have had joy in my life at least at that moment.

No "great santa Claus" I suppose that it's not your fault, I should have wrote mother nature about the situation instead of blaming you. But that was just one in many situations... bottom line, I'm grown now and I realize that I had been dooped and conned all those years by you and I see my little nieces going through the same thing!I found out that all the presents that I did get from you, where actually bought and wrapped by my parents! Cmon man, what kind of shit is that. If there was a santa claus which i know there isnt one. But i would love to meet the guy that promotes deceptions lies, and cons. This drunkard has every little kid thinking that he is awesome. Millions of kids across the globe place this red neck which stands for love and joy above their parents!

I feel bad for ever trusting that fat ass, and never thanking my parents for all those gifts I thought that son of a bitch bought me. Imagine the pain my parents went thru seeing my eyes light up when opening presents, knowing they would never get credit for it, which leads me to think what does the "great Santa Claus" have over them? Did he really catch momma kissing a sant claus impostor, You have heard the songs! There has to be a reason for them right, where there is smoke there is fire! He was like "I'm gonna tell your husband if you dont put my name on little johnny's present saying that it was from me. Can you say "BLACK MAIL"

Just think, when we have been at that age where we all found out that "the great santa claus" doesn't exist! We were so damn confused and hurt! How could this be? Mom and dad said they saw him, they told me about the guy in the first place?! The shame of going to school knowing the truth and try telling your buddies that, then you get bombarded and called stupid cause they believe in him and tell us that our parents are lying, there is a santa claus...more confusion. Then we grow up and we began to tell little kids that santa does exists! What the fuck? I'm the first one to say that he does exists and as a matter of fact I saw him once on a christmas eve many years ago! And then see the little kids face light up when they turn to their knuckle head cousins and say "see, i told you there is a santa claus" I just couldnt do it, not because I didnt want them to know the truth or hurt them, shit If i had to go through it then guess what, your little ass has to figure it out the hard way too.

In the end I do have to say christmas will be great and I will go along with this lie, and tell every kid that believes in him that there is one. Cause it just wouldnt be christmas with out good ole saint nick! And the reason we older folks keep santa alive is because if those little knuckle head kids found out the grown ups buy all the gifts we wouldn't be able to say shit like, "Santa must have not gotten your letter" or "it was because you were naughty" when they didnt get that speacial gift. When the real reason is are asses are broke, they are too young for it, or you're just gonna throw it in a closet and never play with it after a month!

Then we turn around and use the idea of santa claus as a disiplinary tatic. "if your not good santa aint goona get you that new four wheeler!"
I have seen kids running, yelling, and causing prue hell in a house, and once santa's name is uttered, those little bastards will freeze in their tracks and think about their next move. The really guilty ones might shed a fucking tear. Sometimes I wonder who is playing the games, us or the kids. I have seen some say "so, I dont like him anyway!" Watch out cause that little bad ass kid is the ring leader, and in the future will spread that dirty little rumor that "the Great Santa Claus" doesnt exist!

Happy Holidays to everyone and may your day be filled with joy and happiness.

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