Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yes I did and No I'm not proud!

I woke early today, and did some random things like make breakfast tacos for like eight people and coffee for six. It's kind of hard to cook for one. So I took some over to my business partners house so that his visiting mother and grandmother could enjoy.

I was conversing with a friend of mine and an old story came up. And for that brief second I couldn't not figure out how i forgot that story, mush less forget to tell it. So I have decided to share it with all of you.

Back in ought 7, I was dealing with a bad break up. My final exams had just finished and I felt like unwinding a little. So I picked up a case of natural light put them on ice and decided to drink. At the time I had just moved to ole san antone, I must have been here six months, so not having many friends i could trust, I was left to down the case on my own. A task that wasn't much of a challenge but, drinking by myself had not been a hobby of mine, at that time anyway.

My roommate had taken his girl to dinner and the other was out of town. Somewhere between twenty beers, a couple shots of tequila, sad country music and tejano songs that where leading me towards tears as well as blissful thoughts of hookers. I changed the music to a more party theme. Not that I would have gone to pick one up, just the thought of having angry hate my ex ass pounding was tempting me. The kind that only a hooker could satisfy. I'm guessing for an extra fee I could have changed her name to the ex's too, but then that would have just been down right creepy.

So I decide to change it up to some ass shaking dance music. There I was in the middle of my living room dancing and signing to "aahhh FREAK OUT!" having a great time. Now I'm not to sure how it all happened but my shirt was all of a sudden off and draped over my right shoulder and I was sweating like a hooker in church. Then Eminem "Shake that ass feat. Nate Dogg" came out and I felt the sudden urge of getting crazy with it. I was in the zone, music was blaring on the surround sound and I had it on repeat. This song was just one of those songs that described me during that breakup. And you know when that special song plays you can relate to comes on....its all over with, forget about it. You're a crazed fool trying to sing it louder than the speakers are playing it.

About the 5th or 6th time on the CD player, I was yelling along with the lyrics like there was no tomorrow, dropping it, shaking it, just acting like a dumb ass that lost his mind. As I'm in the middle of a new made up dance move, I heard a woman's voice yelling "OH MY GOOOODDD!!!!

As I take a swig of beer I turn my attention to the voice just over my left shoulder, and turn around, my roommates girl shot straight back to the front door, I thought that was weird, I shrugged my shoulders rewound the song to my favorite part and noticed as I bent down, I was butt ass naked with only my flip flops on and a cold natural light in my right hand. At that point I was so wasted Instead of running for something to put on, I finished the rest of the song and beer and not only did my roommates chick get to see me for a second time when she came back inside but my roommate did too!

Now the only thing that I can do at this point in my life, is to laugh about it and try to figure out, dancing alone to eminem naked and getting wasted.....What was I thinking!?

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