Friday, September 10, 2010

Reading Rainbow for Adults!

Tropical Storm Hermine landed and passed.  Nothing serious, but, it was enough to close down many roads in San Antonio for a few days due to the rising creeks, and trust me there are a shit load. So stuck in the apartment for two days I deccided to pick up a few books my roomate had around. I managed to read three in two days, they where not books I would normally read, but I recently went to half price books and sold back all the books I had aquired over the years. Had I not done that, I probably would have reread a couple of them and retained the little intelligence I thought I had.

For the first time since grade school I read a book with pictures in them. No, they weren't Cat in the Hat or The Velveteen Rabbit, they were autobiographies about a football team in Texas, Jenna Jameson, and Tommy Lee. Friday Night Lights was one that I really enjoyed, it talked mainly about the racial divide in a rural Texas town in the eighties. Its plot was loosely set on Friday night football and the amazing things it can do for a poor and economically stresssed town, but, it quickly took a detour and wrote in detail about the flawed educational system, the oil idustry; its bloom and bust, and rivalries between two neighboring towns that caused them to maliciously hurt each other rather then unite and become a stronger community.

I have to admit I was hopeing to read more about teen drama, and sexual drunkin stories, but there wasnt any stories recanting the sexual experiences involving a football star named Bobby Ray with the captin of the cheer squard Betty Jean underneath the bleachers. I finished the book and moved into something that would give me what I really wanted.  A story with juice, drama, and sexual deviency. Jenna Jameson's. How to make Love like a Porn Star. A cautionary tale.

Nope, 500 pages later, most of which where pictures, the book should have been written in crayola. This book is a good read for strippers, pornstars, and any young woman out their looking to break into the mutimillion dollar sex industry. As well as any sexual repressed women looking to live bicariously through a "respectable" whore...uh, I mean a "sexualy enlightened" woman using her sexuality as a tool to give herself a sense of empowerment. A how to manual if you will, followed by small stories of sex, drug abuse and teen agnst.  It was one of New york Times best Sellers, after I finished the book  I couldnt help but think "damn, theres allot of fucking strippers and porn stars in the world as well as those formentioned, either way theres a shit load out there!"

But it did give insight to how "strippers" are just like ordinary good church going folks, looking to get ahead in life.(If you didn't get my sarcasim then please stop reading.)  I know what I was reading and who it was written by, I will say, I have never been a fan of her on camera, and have never wanked to her. Thankgod, because that would have made my reading expericene much more uncomfortable. She glorified stripping and porn so much it turned me off to the whole idea, here I was jerking off to women who I thought were just dirty whores when in fact there where just hard working women like my grandmother. I havent watched porn sense, but I see what you did Jenna, you made me see that women are not just lustful objects to drool or fantasize over, rather women exploiting the immature mentality of grown men with an apetite for things that could never obtain. Im not a fan of strip clubs to begin with anyway, but, I will never step foot into one now. I have never purchased a porn DVD but when I do, I will make sure the movie was produced and sold by companies that do not exploit their "actresses" and show utmost respect for them regardless of how many men dump cum on their face or breasts. To all the men that think strippers like them, I advise you head over to the nearst bookstore or an online site and buy a used copy of this how to book. It will change your mind about serval myths and taboo's within the sex industry, granted it is just a ploy to take your hard earn dollars ,but, it will also open your eyes in ways you couldn't pathom. If you like not knowing then I'd advise to not read this book. If your wife or girlfriend want to read this book by all means buy it for them. She might be inspired to do that dirty thing you fantasie about so much.

 Over all this book was good, but, it didnt not staisfy the jucie I was looking for, I moved over to Tommy Lee's book.  The cover was the least attractive of the other two books but to my surprise, He gave me what I was looking for.  The guy really surprised the shit out of me with that one.  It was funny and full of good stories. He didnt glorify his life or make it out to be the best ever, or try to persuade you to be a drummer or rock and roll stud.  He didnt rant and rave about the system he was a slave to or regret that he choose to be a slave to the system like the other books.  I laughed and enjoyed his tales,I didn't put the book down enlightend, but I didn't expect to from this author, but, I walked away knowledgeable about several things.  All men do see their penis as a human being and often talk to it in private( I thought I was the only one), stay away from drugs,  a threesome with two chicks is overrated and should be done as a foursome with three chicks. Football jocks are just large pieces of meat used to benefit coaches, school districrts and cheerleaders, and pornstars and strippers are just there for the enterainment of the rich and famous.

After reading these books, I know someday I would eventually be more knowledgeable and wiser, someday, but today I realized yet again what was I thinking judging a book by its cover.

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