Thursday, July 1, 2010

yes its been that long

I want to apologize to the ones that read this, havent really been doing anything crazy besides drinking beer, but no hookers.... yes i have in my past life, then again i believe in a religion that says we are reborn again, so according to that belief system, i was a pimp.  but, i havent been doing that for years, but i have been paying money for dates and still dont get shit. Ive dated nice college educated women, church going women hell i even been out with a jewish girl (and i was told all three types were sluts or whores)and you know how they love money,after 5oo bucks spent total on 2 dates and i still couldnt even have my penis licked!! hell if i was at the wourld cup in africa, i'd give a bag of rice to a bush girl to just lick the penis, she'd be so grateful i fed her family for a month, she"d probably let me sleep with her sister at the same time maybe even the medicine man...if i was in to that sort of thing!!  Hell I have heard guys complain after spending 30 bucks on drinks and get mad cause all they got was a blowjob.

This week has been bad.  Only because I swore i would never have sex with a drunk "fat"girl, "fat" girl on drugs, and even girls I cant bench (fat girls), I push 350(wieghts) but I was always more than willing to go more....Hey in my defence, you can"t get stronger till you max it out! So im guessing that all the people that read this blog, heard that I swore I WOULD NEVER do those types of girls again. Just on the record... should have never said that. I havent gotten laid in so long, i should just not call myself a man anymore. But this week has been a will of  testement and stregnth, they have been coming at me so hard, I broke 3 ugly sticks, gave away an abscene amount of twinkies and ho ho's just to throw them off my sent.

But something happened. I was away on "business" and one of the forementioned described in the paragraph above...happened to catch me slippin, I had 12 beers and a botlle of makers mark in my system(750 ml botlle to be exact on the rocks of course).  We went to the after party, of course what business trip would not be complete without an after party. So i go inside to pass the hell out...yes thats how much i drank, i was the first to call it quits. All i remember is saying "sorry babe (cause I didnt remember her name... no ladies im not that bad at names I just have a hard time remembering names. ) i have wiskey dick, "so she said I'll help you out, at this point im like fuck it, I swore i would never do this again so I said i have no condoms. She jumped up said i'll be right back i'm gonna go get some." I wake up to the feeling of wanting to fart and shit at the same time. I wouldnt be damn if this chick had her finger in my ass. Of course I didnt ask which was a fucking finger, at least at that point i was praying it was. I jump up thinking im in harris county on a dui charge in the drunk tank passed out with a black guy that wanted my socks.  So i swing with a closed fist.  Next thing I hear is "oh you ike it rough......" and thats the last thing i heard.

I wake up not only feeling hung over but violated.  I took a deep breath and thanked god it was a woman. So my buddy was still passed out, and im thinking to myself i need to get the fuck out of here and you drove..So im awake looking and listening  at this chick and my buddies sister talking thinking she has big hands, i wonder what finger she threw up my ass to wake me up....Then i hear my buddies sister say im off this week lets go back home with them and this chick said hell yea, so ive been fighting off a bad one this week fellas and ladies. Ive been to the bar everyday this week, and have spent only 10 bucks i go have a beer and just sit there till its closing time hoping that when i unlock the house door she"ll be asleep, I worked out for 4 hours each day just to get away from the constant sexual coments and groping.......

Please tell me what the hell should i be thinking as i stay watch allnight hoping she dont come in my room like last night. I feel like i am on watch, im scared to close my eyes, scared to take a shower, and sure as hell scared out of my mind to drink.....

I know what im thinking, "when are they going back home!!!!!

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